The HDT Storm SRTV (Search & Rescue Tactical Vehicle) was developed in conjunction with Special Operations Forces. Highly mobile and lightweight, this tactical vehicle facilitates mission success in austere environments. The Storm SRTV ensures mission range, provides multi-role configurations, and can be transported internally by M/HC-130P/N/J, C-130/C-130J, KC-130J and C-17 fixed- wing aircraft as well as the CH-47 and CH-53 helicopters. To further enhance mission capability, the vehicle can drive on and drive off these aircraft without shoring and can be deployed through low velocity aerial delivery or JPADS methods.

Features include:

  • High performance mid-engine design with high horsepower (430 hp) to provide performance, maneuverability and versatility
  • Long travel suspension and optimized approach and departure angles
  • Carries up to three litters, in rollover protection system (ROP), without modifications, maintaining 360° weapon field of fire
  • Cutting brakes allow U-turns on steep hills within the length and width of the vehicle and allows high speed J-turns
  • A 20' (6.1 m) turning diameter curb-to-curb
  • Performs at 10,000' (3,048 m) above mean sea level with higher horsepower levels than competitive vehicles offer at sea level
  • Traverses terrain considered impassable to conventional vehicles, including vertical rock terrain
  • Rollover safety for all occupants without limiting mission operational performance
  • Extreme maneuverability in rugged environments
  • Rapid evasive maneuverability in confined spaces

You can see videos of the HDT Storm SRVT in action on our video page.