The Mobile Command Post (MCP) is a one operator, mobile Command and Control system ideal for battle command applications such as Command Post of the Future (CPOF). The MCP provides a triple-head monitor array that extends PC desktops and allows operators to view multiple applications simultaneously. The MCP can be configured to accept video feeds from surveillance platforms such as UAS and surveillance camera systems. The MCP canal so push PC video out to larger C2 displays.

The operator is provided with a set of integrated power (120VAC, 240VAC or both), two separate switched IP networks (managed or unmanaged switches) and a video distribution system (VGA standard, DVI and twisted pair available). The MCP is easily configurable to meet varying mission requirements.

During transit the entire system packs into a single, ruggedized and weather resistant case. For operations simply pull out the chair, lift the monitor frame assembly and lock into place, then fold down the table. The MCP can be setup and operational in minutes.