The LPE2S2 is an expandable shelter system that is designed to precisely fit in the 463 L single pallet cargo position.

The LPE2S2 represents the next generation of ISO container-based expandable shelters designed to maximize space efficiency and provide ultimate flexibility in transport, deployment, and configuration. It is the new standard for forward operating bases or remote industrial camps.



• Exterior: 108”L x 88”W x  96”H

• Packout square footage: 41.6 sq. Ft


• Exterior: 108”L x 244”W x 96” H

• Total Floor: 149 sq. ft


Features and Benefits:

•Cost effective

•Self supporting expandable floors do not need ground support

•HD Fabrication

•Water Tight Construction

•Fits in 463 L Cargo System

•No jack or winches required for deployment



•4-way fork liftable

•Built in tie-down system

•Built in ECU

•Readily deployable w/ 2 personnel in 10 minutes.