HDT’s FFA580-100 is designed to remove toxic chemical and biological warfare agents in gaseous (vapor) and aerosol (particulate) forms from the airstream, while providing a toxic-free environment to personnel or equipment by creating positive pressure in the toxic-free area (TFA). Ideal for mobile or permanent shelters.

  • Originally designed for the U.S. Air Force KMU-450 Collective Protection System, and adapted to the Survivable Collective Protection System (SCPS)
  • More recently, the system has been adapted as a part of a fixed installation egress and ingress air lock system

Features include

  • 600 CFM (1019 m3/h) airflow adjustable by means of a manual flow control valve located on blower inlet
  • Uses standard M98, 200 CFM (340 m3/h) filter sets (NSN 4240-01-369-6533), three per system
  • All-weather, stackable, modular design
  • Airdrop capable/forklift transportable