The FFA400 Remote / Low Pressure Alarm (LPA) is a digital ColPro system controller. It replaces three commonly-used controllers including the FFA400 air filtration unit (AFU) hand held remote control, low pressure alarm (LPA) and chemical agent alarm (M42).

The FFA400 remote control functions allow manual operation of the fan filter assembly (FFA) from within the shelter and display AFU normal operation, 90% of filter (mechanical) life and when filter life is reached.

The LPA portion of the controller monitors the Toxic Free Area (TFA) internal pressure relative to the outside ambient pressure. It displays the pressure in an intuitive graphical form with safe range, low-pressure danger range and features visual and audible alarms.

The chemical agent detector interface has two distinctive alarm connections and can be used with two types of detectors, two sources or a combination of both. An agent alarm trigger turns the FFA on automatically and provides an audible and visual alarm.

The Remote / LPA controller is firmware-driven display and settings can be customized to specific customer or application requirements. Customization includes pressure alarm points and agent alarm functionalities.

The Remote / LPA controller is compatible with all HDT FFA400 variations.