Ideal for use in steel mills, coke plants, pulp and paper mills, foundries, waste industries, aluminum mills, copper smelters, chemical refineries, mining, and other harsh industrial environments, HDT’s Nordic Air® F-Series Filters are highly efficient particulate filters designed for industrial applications. Developed in collaboration with industry maintenance personnel in a wide variety of factory applications, the system features four separate filtering stages and addresses all large industrial filtration requirements.

  • Four-stage filtration is required in areas where fine dust, corrosive or harmful gas, lead particulate and other contaminants are found. HDT Nordic Air F-Series Filters are built to withstand these harsh contaminants and to facilitate maintenance. HDT provides a cost efficient solution reducing maintenance time and associated replacement filter costs.
  • Stage one filtration incorporates a washable electrostatic filter with 66% average arrestance. Stage two contains a 4" (10.2 cm) disposable filter with 93% average arrestance. Stage three consists of disposable activated alumina and potassium permanganate pellets. Stage four is an absolute (HEPA) filter which is 99.97% efficient on particulates at 0.3 micron and larger.