HDT’s EEECU-M18-2 Basic is an Energy Efficient Environmental Control Unit (EEECU) designed for operation in severe environments. The EEECU-M18-2 Basic provides outstanding performance even when subjected to rough handling, sand, dust, rain, snow, or extreme heat. Whether positioned on the ground, outside an expeditionary shelter; or trailer-mounted for portability, the EEECU M18-2 BASIC is ready for operation in temperatures ranging from -50°F to 130°F (-45.6°C to 54.4°C). The unit features onboard storage for optional flexible air ducts and the power cord, simplifying the EEECU-M18-2 BASIC set-up and teardown processes.

  • Operator control offers OFF/COOL/HEAT/VENT operating modes and a manually adjustable thermostat. A power quality analyzer is embedded in the control panel to prevent operation during poor power quality or phase reversal conditions. Resettable circuit breakers are provided for the main power, control and fan circuits.

Features include:

  • Corrosion-resistant, powder coated aluminum frame, optional CARC coating available
  • Refrigerant charge <2.99 kg (R-410A)
  • Reliable, energy efficient Copeland Hermetic Scroll Compressor
  • Hot-gas-bypass valve provides freeze protection during low load conditions
  • Liquid quench valve to provide compressor cooling during high ambient operation
  • Fin-tube type evaporator coil assures optimal heat transfer
  • Incline operation 10° from horizontal any direction
  • Lightweight all-aluminum micro-channel condenser coil with 1.8 mm pitch (14-fins per inch) allows sand, dust and organic materials to pass-thru the fins
  • Washable/cleanable evaporator air filter
  • CBRN (NBC) ready with use of optional ducts and adapter kit
  • Onboard storage basket for air ducts and power cable