The DRASH XB Series military dome tents are light-weight, man-portable shelters that can be applied as a stand alone tents or connected to other shelters to form command and control, life support, medical or surge facilities anywhere quickly and efficiently.

XB Series military dome tents have an interior width of 13.6' (4.2 m), and come in six model sizes in three basic variants, providing from 140.4 to 413.4 ft2 (13 to 38.4 m2) of usable space depending on the model and the variant.

All XB Series military dome tents can be easily set up within 15 minutes of arriving at location using only four to six people and can be taken down just as quickly. These shelters do not require any assembly in the field nor do they require any special equipment for either erecting or striking. Simply offload and position, lift and spread, push up and secure.

XB Series military dome tents pack down to less than 2 percent of deployed size for easy transport. Additionally, XB Series shelters can be integrated with DRASH Utility Support Transport (UST) Trailers to allow for a mobile lighting and environmental control power package that ensures optimum operations even in extreme weather.

XB Series military dome tents have undergone extensive testing at the Army’s Aberdeen Test Center and include rugged, reliable materials to hold up even under the toughest conditions.

All XB Series military dome tents include as part of the purchase price the complete shelter as well as an integrated floor, steel stake set, repair kit, vestibule curtain, push poles and transport bag. A custom-made T Boot is included for XBT Model shelters to fit the customer’s vehicle or ISO Container.

Features include:

  • Unique “one-piece” shelter design – no loose parts or pieces to assemble or misplace
  • Set up and take down by as few as four to six people within 15 minutes
  • Packs down to an average of less than 2 percent of deployed size
  • Networks with other DRASH shelters for maximum footprint flexibility
  • Operable in temperatures ranging from -50°F to 131°F (-45.5°C to 55°C)
  • Meets all U.S. Military requirements for soft-walled shelters