The DRASH J Series military large tents are the largest of the DRASH series of shelters. The entire system provides 1,250 ft2 (116 m2) of usable interior space for multiple applications ranging from maintenance facilities to logistical support facilities to mobile medical treatment and triage centers.

Despite its size, the J Series military large tents are easy to set up. The total deployment time for the J Shelter from when the shelter leaves the trailer bed to full set up is under 40 minutes, and is achieved with the assistance of a low-pressure air blower and bladder that comes with the J System.

The J Series shelter is transported on its own 4.5 kW Transport and Storage Trailer, which is towable by a vehicle with a towing capacity greater than 6,000 lbs. The manually-tilting trailer allows the shelter to be pushed in place over an inflatable air bladder. Set up and take down is then accomplished using the air blower connected to the bladder. No lifting or assembly is required.

DRASH J Series military large tents can be combined with an HP-8 UST Trailer to allow for a complete power and mobility package that ensures optimum operations even in extreme weather conditions. The J Shelter is also offered on a hydraulic container platform to fit on a 463L Pallet.

J Shelters have undergone extensive testing at the Army’s Aberdeen Test Center and include rugged, reliable materials to hold up even under the toughest conditions.

Each J Shelter includes the following standard components as one complete package:

  • Titanite® frame with dual pre-attached covers and fabric flooring
  • J Transport and Storage Trailer with 4.5 kW Genset or hydraulic container to fit 463L pallet (4.5 kW Genset for blower optional with hydraulic container)
  • Bladder and blower with ducts
  • Ladder and sledge hammer
  • Two 1XBTJ vestibule entranceways with built-in screen doors
  • Screen windows and vinyl window set
  • Face plate, T Boot and plenum
  • Lights and electrical wiring set
  • Ground stakes and low and high wind lines
  • End wall support kit
  • Field repair kit and illustrated instruction panels

The Maintenance J Shelter includes two maintenance doors in lieu of 1XBTJ Vestibule Entranceways. The J Shelter can also be equipped with a J UAV Maintenance Door. Optional accessories available.

Features include:

  • Set up or take down in under 40 minutes
  • Maintenance version comes with retractable maintenance door to accommodate large-sized vehicles
  • Packs on to transport and storage trailer or hydraulic container for easy transport
  • Networks with other DRASH shelters for maximum footprint flexibility
  • Operable in temperatures ranging from -50°F to 131°F (-45.5°C to 55°C)
  • Meets all U.S. Military requirements for soft-walled shelters