HDT’s Containerized Weapons System (CWS) is a Tricon container optimized to provide rapid direct fire-power support for combat outposts, patrol bases, forward operating bases, ports, and shipboard-defense applications.

Features include:

  • ISO-rated Tricon container with integrated:
    • Electro-mechanical, rigid-chain lift, built specifically to support employment of remote weapons station from elevated positions
    • Power management and back-up
    • Full remote operational control of the container, lift and weapons station up to 1000 m (1,093 yards)
  • Support for the full-family of KONGSBERG PROTECTOR CROWS systems and effectors
    • M2, MK19, M134, M240 and M249 weapons
    • 360 Situational Awareness (SA) and Escalation of Force (EoF) effectors
    • Tactical missiles
  • Networked ethernet hub for integration and external cueing