Developed for the United States Army Tank-Automotive Armaments Command (TACOM), the A20 Vehicle Heater is a dual-output unit with a selectable heat level between 60,000 BTU and 30,000 BTU (17.58 kW and 8.79 kW). The heater provides clean, warm air for the crew compartments of armored vehicles and may also be used to heat the enclosed cargo area of the 5-ton FMTV (Cargo Bay Heater Installation Kit – A20-CBHK required for installation).

The heater is user-friendly with self-diagnostics and remote fault signaling and is designed to minimize downtime and maintenance. The high / low switch on the vehicle master panel or optional remote control box controls the heat output.

Features include:

  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Qualified to MIL-PRF-62550E
  • Advanced multi-fuel combustion including DF1, DF2, DFA and JP8
  • Fully automatic – no adjustable settings
  • Manufactured to IS0-9000 standards
  • Continuous safety monitoring