HDT’s 5 Ton Basic ECU is the 50 Hz variant of the HDT 6 Ton Basic ECU. The 5 Ton Basic provides 17.6 kW (60,000 BTU/H) of cooling using less than 2.99 kg of environmentally acceptable, ozone-friendly R-407C refrigerant. The unit is also available with a turf cart.

Features include:

  • Environmentally acceptable R-407C refrigerant
  • Hot gas by-pass
  • Five position selector switch (OFF-VENT-COOL-HEAT-AUTO) with a thermostat to monitor return air temperature
  • CARC paint system
  • Designed for ease of transport, stacked four units high, 16 units will fit on a single 463L pallet (4 stacks by 4 high), without the turf cart installed