Shelter Systems

HDT's advanced line of expeditionary shelter systems is designed to meet users specific requirements. HDT designs, engineers, and manufactures HDT Base-X® and AirBeam® shelter systems.

HDT Base-X Shelters
  • The HDT Base-X expeditionary shelter system's patented folding frame is recognized worldwide as the most advanced, lightweight, rapid-deploying tactical soft-walled shelter system on the market
  • The unique patented folding frame design gives the system its superior strength and its rapid set-up and strike capabilities
  • Performance is achieved while keeping the system to a minimum weight and cube size, making it more mobile and easier to embark
  • Missions requiring speed and agility have relied on HDT's modular shelter systems design for complexing in order to segment various activities
HDT AirBeam Shelters
  • HDT's AirBeam shelters use proprietary AirBeam technology, producing a fiber-reinforced elastomeric composite containing high gas pressure and bend resistance
  • HDT AirBeam base camp shelters can be formed in a multitude of different shapes, allowing for many unique uses in military, aerospace, and commercial applications such as the world's largest rapid deployment aviation hangar for the U.S. Air Force
  • AirBeam shelters are lightweight, low cube, and are rapidly erected
  • The U.S. Army has selected the HDT AirBeam shelter (Air Supported Temper Types) for Force Provider, their premier base camp
Expeditionary Shelter Applications
  • Aircraft and Vehicle Maintenance Shelters
  • Base Camp and Industrial Shelters
  • Chem/Bio and Decontamination Shelters
  • Command and Control (C2) Operation Shelters
  • Medical and Emergency Shelters

HDT designs and manufactures expeditionary shelter structures and configures complete base camps with HDT power generation, heating and cooling, and protective air filtration systems to make them functional and safe.