Non-Powered Heaters



HDT's Family of Space Heaters (FOSH) features patented fuel vaporization with safe and reliable fuel control. HDT offers a complete line of safe, reliable heaters for your tent heating needs, from our 13,000 BTU non-powered heater to our 60,000 BTU self-powered heater. Our versatile products are suited for most application requirements.HDT's H45 Space Heater, Space Heater Convective, and the Space Heater Small operate without the use of any power. Their simple design is an indication of technology at work. Units are shipped complete and ready for use. All that is needed for operation is a standard military 5-gallon fuel can. Our non-powered heaters are designed to burn all diesel fuels and the military's JP8 and also feature the ability to burn solid fuels, such as coal or wood.