HDT’s Adroit-M arms are marine versions of the HDT Adroit® manipulators. All HDT manipulators are modular and easy to customize limb length and the arms number of degrees of freedom (DoF).

  • The standard sized arm has six DoF in the arm and four powered DoF in the end effector (plus an additional six DoF that are driven through differentials)
  • The end effector includes an opposable thumb. This arm has a reach near one meter and weighs approximately 10 kg in the air. It can lift 16 kg in the air.
  • All HDT manipulator arms are electrically driven (12 – 48 VDC). They are rated for 100 meters submergence. Ethernet, CANbus, and power run the length of the arm, using through-joint wiring.
  • As with HDT’s other Adroit arms, control can be joint-by-joint or fly-the-end-effector. The arms can be controlled by position, speed, or force.
  • Every joint has true force sensing and an internal control loop that runs at 500 Hz, so HDT provides a very agile control of impedance to create variable levels of compliance. Underwater, when currents move the ROV unexpectedly, this compliance is very useful for preventing damage to the arm and to whatever the arm is grasping.
  • HDT also offers a fully-marinized operator control unit with ten DoF to command the arm and end-effector.