In today’s world, rife with natural and manmade disasters, the need has never been greater for military, homeland security, federal emergency management, state, regional, and local governmental agencies, as well as local police and fire departments to be prepared with the right equipment to set up temporary shelters and/or field-based command/operations centers.

HDT shelter systems, combined with our trailer-based, transportable power generators and environmental control units enable these agencies to quickly set up temporary life support areas to keep out inclement weather conditions and create a comfortable climate controlled space for those most severely impacted by disaster.

HDT shelter systems are modular. Combined with solutions available from our Reeves® EMS line of emergency management products, they can be complexed, or connected together, to create medical treatment facilities, mobile hygiene/shower areas, rest/recovery/sleeping areas, or dining facilities.

For emergency personnel, in addition to providing temporary life support areas, HDT offers a complete line of command and control products enabling the shelter system to function as a remote operations center with state-of-the art audio, video and communications equipment, along with lighting, flooring, tables, chairs, and whatever else is required to architect a mobile command center to meet the needs of any agency.