About Our Company

HDT Global delivers innovative solutions to military, government, industrial, and commercial market customers around the world. As a manufacturer of rugged and durable products used for expeditionary applications in the most extreme and harsh environments, our success is measured by our decades as a trusted supplier working with all branches of the U.S. military and global allies; as well as the world’s leading commercial expeditionary and heavy industrial manufacturing companies in deep-shaft mining, paper and pulp manufacturing, and steelmaking. In addition to expeditionary and industrial manufacturing market sector solutions, HDT develops robotic solutions for use in the healthcare market.

Our Mission

HDT delivers innovative solutions to achieve mission success in diverse environments and conditions for militaries, governments and commercial organizations globally.

We accomplish this at an industry-leading level by putting engineering at the forefront of everything we do. By taking this approach, we can create products from the ground up that anticipate our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations both today and in the future.

Our Vision and Values

HDT seeks to be recognized as the premier global resource for innovative expeditionary solutions that enable mission success.

To bring this vision to reality, both today and in the decades to come, we rely on these key values which we hold dear:


Innovative engineering, manufacturing, and business processes differentiate the products and services we offer.


We embrace honesty, fairness, and transparency. Our reputation is defined by our actions, intentions, and convictions. We value relationships based on trust and the expectation of delivering on our commitments.


We value teamwork and the benefits of diversity. Our ability to deliver solutions to complex problems results from working well together, and sharing ideas and information for the greater good of our company and our customers.


We seek to deliver products of enduring quality using robust materials, responsible engineering practices, and process-driven manufacturing methods. We value continuous improvement and customer feedback.

Customer and User Satisfaction

Satisfied customers and users are critical to our success. We strive to exceed customer expectations at every opportunity – from initial contact to development, delivery of products and services, and worldwide aftermarket support.

Corporate Citizenship

Open and honest communications are a cornerstone of our business. We embrace responsible corporate practices and respect for our customers, our stakeholders, our community, and our environment.

Shareholder Value

Delivering value to our shareholders through profitability is key to our success. We will ensure that our corporate assets are deployed wisely and that we deliver value through the satisfaction of our customers.