WASHINGTON, DC – Oct. 10, 2011 – HDT Global (HDT), a leading provider of highly-engineered mobile military and emergency response solutions, is displaying its latest technological developments and core capabilities during the 2011 AUSA Annual Meeting & Exposition, Oct. 10-12, 2011 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC.

HDT is showcasing its new Interactive Command Table (iCT), a lightweight portable visual display table allowing users to collaborate effectively in non-traditional work settings. Ideal for expeditionary environments, the iCT features integrated collaboration tools, enabling the user to digitally capture the content from the tabletop to the computer, and the system can be used for geospatial intelligence, mapping, route planning, and convoy embarkation.

Also on display is the Protector Mini-Flail, HDT’s solution for eliminating buried explosive devices – the primary threat to U.S. military personnel in Afghanistan. The small robotic flail swings 14 hardened steel mushroom-shaped hammers at high speeds to break up the soil, either destroying or detonating any pressure-triggered devices. The diesel-powered robotic system can clear a walking path at 3 mph.

In addition to the iCT and Protector Mini-Flail, HDT Airborne is featuring its Military Free Fall Advanced Ram Air Parachute Systems (MFF ARAPS), utilizing the Airborne’s IntruderTM parachute system. The U.S. Army’s Research, Development, and Engineering Command (RDECOM) recently awarded HDT Airborne a $27 million contract for the production and delivery of an estimated 3,600 ARAPS. All major military personnel parachute systems currently in use by U.S. Forces have been designed by HDT Airborne.

HDT will also showcase its AirBeam® shelter technology, which can be formed in a multitude of different shapes, allowing for many unique uses in military, aerospace and commercial applications and its Expeditionary Energy Efficiency products including the Balance of Systems Unit (BOS), Radiant Barrier and Shade Fly.

HDT Global will be displaying at Booth #7420 during AUSA 2011. HDT provides new equipment training and unparalleled customer support. Contact your HDT representative for more details. For more information about HDT Global, visit www.hdtglobal.com.