Adroit® Manipulator Arm

HDT developed a unique family of actuators for DARPA, with the best power-to-weight performance of any available system.

For mobile robots, our lightweight, powerful arms offer unparalleled performance. Our arms can lift most of the robots they are mounted on completely off the ground.

Adroit actuators are fully modular and self contained, with the control electronics, absolute position sensing, speed sensing, and true force sensing built into each IP67 sealed actuator. Customers can “build your own” arm configuration, with an optimum number of degrees of freedom, torque output, and limb-lengths.

Because Adroit robot arms are lightweight, with built-in force sensing, these arms are safe to work in collaboration with people, without needing safety cages. Adroit manipulators also offer better performance at a lower cost, compared to any other collaborative arm.