HDT’s Adroit manipulator arms can be assembled in a wide range of Degrees of Freedom (DoF), lengths, and lift capacities, simply by connecting together modular Adroit actuators in different configurations.

  • Actuators are completely self-contained and available in a variety of output torques
  • Most common configurations for a single arm are either six, seven, or eight DoF, not including the end-effector
  • Dual arm configurations are also possible

The Adroit arm shown above has eight DoF, not including the end effector.

In a basic six DoF arm configuration, including a 10 DoF end effector, the arm weighs about 7 kg (15 pounds) and can lift approximately 23 kg (50 pounds).

  • Each joint can move over 120° per second
  • The arm’s high-acceleration/high-speed is used by internal impedance-control to create mechanical compliance, making Adroit arms safe in interacting with people
  • In operations around people, Adroit arms operate at lower speeds
  • The arm’s inherent safety is important in commercial/industrial operations

HDT’s Adroit actuator has true force sensing and absolute position sensing. The internal control loop in each actuator runs at 500 Hz, providing smooth motion and very effective impedance control.

  • Adroit actuators can rotate without limit, while transferring power, CANbus, and gigabit Ethernet through each joint
  • Every actuator is an independently addressable CAN node
  • Every Adroit actuator is an environmentally sealed unit enabling HDT manipulator arms to operate in extremely rough environments without difficulty
  • HDT’s undersea version of the manipulator arm has even greater corrosion resistance and stronger seals. All versions of the arm meet IP-67, as well as MIL-STD 810G, 461E, and 464C.
  • Adroit manipulators can be externally commanded at rates of up to 50 Hz, using a very simple protocol,compatible with the Robotic Operating System (ROS), JAUS/AS-400, and the U.S. Army Inter-Operability Protocol (IOP)
  • Adroit arms can be commanded joint-by-joint or in end-point mode. The end-point can by dynamically assigned to different locations and orientations (generally within the end-effector).
  • Several operating modes command the arm position, speed, and force. Every operating mode can work with variable impedance, or no impedance. By using impedance control to create mechanical compliance, the arm is safe to operate around people, without requiring safety barriers.

You can see videos of the Adroit Manipulator Arms in action on our video page.