HDT’s NATO Charging System is an additional authorized item for Space Heater Convective Series (SHC) heaters. All SHC heaters come with a charging adapter that must be attached to a 12VDC battery charger powered by 120VAC. As an additional authorized item, the NATO Charging System can be attached directly to any 24VDC NATO adapter receptacle. The modular NATO connector is very small and light. The contents fit into a small transport bag, which fits easily into the accessories bag for the SHC heater. The battery connector fits directly onto the SHC battery connector.

Features include:

  • HDT’s NATO Charging System is a complete charging system, not simply a jumper cable
  • When attached to the battery and DC power, a small LED blinks, indicating that the battery is charging
  • The LED stops blinking and stays illuminated when the battery is fully charged
  • The NATO Charging System cannot be hooked up incorrectly and will not drain the vehicle battery below 18VDC