The LWPS (Lightweight Water Purification System) with Extended Production Module (EPM) from HDT Global redefines scalability. This reverse osmosis system produces up to 600 GPH of potable water in any field condition and can be scaled up to 900+ GPH, with a significant savings in fuel.

For maximum system flexibility, the LWPS + EPM system also includes Extended Capability Modules (ECMs) for ocean water intake, nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) agent removal, cold weather operation and contaminant avoidance. The LWPS reduces operator training requirements, eliminates the need for additional water assets, and provides the capability to change the product water output based on specific needs.

With the most unique power source versatility in the field, the LWPS can be operated with multi-fuel engines or electric motors. Our All Source Capable™ systems produce potable water from a wide range of sources such as streams, lakes, rivers, and oceans. So, whether the source is freshwater, brackish water, or seawater, the LWPS + EPM reverse osmosis system provides absolute water purification in the most austere environments.


Key Features

  • 600 GPH (2,270 LPH) maximum flow rate on freshwater sources
  • 300 GPH (1,135 LPH) maximum flow rate on saltwater sources
  • Addition of a High Pressure Pump and RO Module to the LWPS base system
  • Minimal increase in operational footprint
  • Save fuel and produce twice the output
  • Minimal training requirements due to the addition of like components
  • Rugged container provided for transport of EPM items