When the Army needed additional sleeping quarters onboard their watercraft, they turned to the Berg™ line of rigid wall shelters for a modular solution.

The result was a 40-foot integrated Conex Watercraft Berthing Module that provided additional sleeping space on a permanent or temporary basis, simply by loading the module on deck and securing to an existing structure.

The Army Watercraft Berthing Module features multi-use berthing space for 12 personnel. It allows occupants to sleep flat, but also provides sit-up capability when occupants are awake. The unit is fully-integrated with electrical power, LED light, and Internet accessibility. The module contains an operational administrative area and a latrine with hot and cold water. The unit is CSC certified for transportation and built to A-0 fire standards.

As with all Berg shelter systems, the Watercraft Berthing Module is rapidly-deployable and custom-built to your specifications.