The dual arm system shown above has 25 powered DoF (37 total). It weighs about 23 kg (50 pounds) and can lift over 50 kg (110 pounds).

HDT’s dual arm manipulators provide enhanced functional dexterity for many tasks, such as picking up boxes, opening containers, and using tools.

  • While single arm systems can be very effective, dual arm systems can perform operations such as using one end effector to pick up an object and hold it in position, while the other end effector picks up a tool and uses it on the object
  • HDT’s Adroit® dual arm systems closely match the dexterity, strength, and speed of human workers without becoming tired or distracted
  • Every actuator in the dual arm system has true force sensing and absolute position sensing
  • Arms can be driven joint-by-joint or through endpoint control
  • Commands can be given to the arms based on position, speed, or force
  • Variable impedance is available in all modes,allowing the arms to have a wide range of compliance
    • First advantage of compliance – the arms are inherently safe for people to work around. If a robot and a person bump into each other, the robot’s compliance allows its arms to “give”, just like another person.
    • Second advantage of compliance – the dual arm system can easily pick up a box or other large, heavy, or awkward object. Just like a person, the robot’s arms can press on either side of the object with the minimum force needed to grasp it, and then move the object to another location.
    • Motion is smooth and grasping force is constant due to internal loop control of every actuator running at 500Hz
  • Adroit dual arm robots can be built in a variety of configurations, due to the modular nature of Adroit actuators and the wide range of torque ratings available
  • Adroit actuators are environmentally sealed enabling operation across a wide temperature range and rough outdoor settings
  • The performance and low cost of Adroit systems make them very attractive for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications

The Adroit dual arm system shown above is lifting a concrete block (see our video page.).