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HDT’s engineers, scientists, and technicians are at the forefront of developing and fielding technologies, products, and systems for today’s warfighter and those protecting our homeland. The value added by HDT’s technical staff differentiates our solutions in the marketplace, and provides our customers with the assurance that fielded equipment will exceed their expectations.

HDT’s technical staff is comprised mechanical, electrical, and systems engineers; chemists; laboratory technicians; mechanical technicians; program managers, and technical support professionals. Customers appreciate the value of HDT’s technical services, with many reaching for us time and again with new projects and challenges. Our customer base includes the US and foreign militaries, other government agencies, and a host of prime contractors.

HDT can provide services through a variety of contract vehicles and types, including cost reimbursable, time and materials, and firm fixed price arrangements.

HDT has active and on-going technology development initiatives in the following core areas:

Research, development, test, and evaluation (RDT&E) of military equipment
  • Survivable packaging of military sensor systems
  • Design and development of military vehicles and trailers
  • Development and packaging of counter-IED technologies
  • Development of radar platforms and structural handling equipment
  • Naval equipment development for high shock and vibration environments
Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) products & systems
  • Positive-pressure Collective Protection (ColPro) systems
  • Negative-pressure air containment systems
  • Next-generation air filters and regenerative air purification systems
  • Mail security systems and advanced mail handling operations.
  • Field services including ColPro system testing and ventilation system balancing
Advanced robotics and dexterous robotic manipulators
  • Advanced prosthetic arm technologies for returning soldiers
  • Dexterous manipulators for mobile robotic platforms
  • Dexterous manipulators for test equipment and testing platforms
  • Advanced mechanical development of gearmotors and drive systems
  • Control systems development
Space and Recovery
  • Inflatable aerodynamic decelerators for supersonic, hypersonic, and rarified gas regimes
  • Precision guided airdrop delivery systems for cargo
  • Mid-air retrieval of payloads descending under parachute control
  • UAV recovery operations and technologies
  • Inflatable wings technologies

HDT welcomes the opportunity to discuss your most challenging problems and identify how we can deliver solutions of unparalleled value. Please contact our engineering services group to discuss your requirements.