Adroit® Manipulator Arm

HDT’s Adroit family of manipulators, for use in commercial and defense applications, was derived from the world’s most advanced prosthetic arm, which HDT developed for DARPA.

Features include:

  • Unique combination of dexterity, strength, and speed, which nearly matches the capabilities of a human arm
  • Ruggedized, simplified, and priced for robotic operations
  • True force sensing and absolute position sensing, make Adroit arms safe to operate around people, without needing special enclosures
  • Arm modular actuators are environmentally sealed and can be assembled together in a limitless variety of configurations. Underwater versions of the arm are also available.
  • A range of actuator sizes, torques, and speeds allows the manipulators to be customized for applications, including small arms weighing 1 kg or 2 kg (2.2 lbs or 4.4 lbs), capable of lifting many times their own weight
  • Control electronics for Adroit manipulators are integral within each actuator
  • Adroit arms can be externally commanded at up to 50 Hz in several modes: position, speed, force, and impedance
  • Actuators execute commands internally, using closed-loop control at 500 Hz
  • For tele-operation, HDT provides a ruggedized controller with 10 DoF
  • Sold in single and dual arm configurations