Large-Capacity Field Heater (LCFH)



This versatile heater is ideal for heating a wide variety of military tent systems. The Large-Capacity Field Heater (LCFH) provides 400,000 BTUs of clean heated air from outside your tent or enclosure.

  • Remote control and room thermostat
  • Carbon monoxide detectors
  • Low maintenance
  • Self-powered
  • Self-diagnostic, built-in test equipment
  • Reliable operation

The HDT LCFH is a large-capacity portable heater and provides one of the safest, most reliable sources of powered outdoor heat available today.

The LCFH heater uses diesel engine power and burns all grades of diesel fuels, including the military's JP8. Features include retractable wheel assembly for easy one-person use and local mobility. The standard accessories (which include technical manual, remote control thermostat, remote fuel hose, exhaust stack) can all be stored on board for easy transport and storage.

The LCFH heater has a powerful fan system that delivers uncontaminated heat to your tent or duct system. The LCFH operates with fuel supplied from its integral, large-capacity fuel tank or from an external fuel supply. Air ducts attached to both the input and output air supply allow the heater to be run in 100% recirculation mode. A fresh air damper allows for makeup air to be drawn in. The heater can be started at temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit unassisted. A NATO adapter is provided to assist the heater in handling temperatures as low as -65 degrees Fahrenheit.


LCFH Type I Technical Manual: NSN 4520-01-500-1534
LCFH Type II Technical Manual: NSN 4520-01-559-8737