Environments don’t get any harsher than this. Nordic Air’s Military ECUs are designed to take the most severe abuse. Heavy duty, but lightweight aluminum construction. This versatile compact dual capacity 18K / 9K ECU is designed for easy handling and hook up. The dimensions of Nordic Air 18K / 9K is the same as the existing 18K equipment found in the field. This allows for easy change out. This versatile compact ECU will operate in (2) cooling modes merely by turning a switch. High Cool: 18,000 BTU. Low Cool: 15,000 BTU. A canvas cover is provided for the condenser for transport or storage. A liquid sight glass is visible from the outside of the enclosure so refrigerant level can be determined without opening up the ECU. Access ports for reading system pressures and refrigeration charging are located outside the enclosure. There are four handles provided for lifting. An hour meter is provided for preventive maintenance planning. Easily accessible circuit breakers for power and control voltage are provided. A phase monitor is provided to prevent damage because of an improper power supply connection. Most spare parts i.e. compressor and electrical components are COTS. Front or side power hook up points.


Mil-Spec and COTS designs for cooling and heating Tents, Shelters, Vans and ISO Containers.


The Nordic Air Family of ECUs includes: 9K, 18K, 24K, 30K, 36K, 42K, 48K, 60K, 72K, 96K and 120K. The versatile compact 18K/9K Nordic Air ECU has been tested and passed the following MIL-Standards and ASHRAE Capacity and Test Standards.Vibration Tested IAW MIL STD-810, 514.5 60 min per axis, sinusoidal cycling 5-200-50Hz, 12 minute sweep, acceleration level 1.5g. Capability Tested IAW ASHRAE STD 37.18,600 /15,300 BTUs at 95 degrees OAT 80/67 indoor dry bulb / wet bulb. 16,095/18,000 BTUs at 125 degrees OAT, 90/75 indoor dry bulb/wet bulb. EMI Tested IAW MIL STD-461E, Method RE102, radiated emissions, electric field 2 MHz to 1 GHz. Method CE102, conducted emissions, power leads, 10KHz to 10 MHz. Method CS101, conducted susceptibility, power leads, 30 Hz to 150 Hz. Method RS103, rated susceptibility, electric field, 2 MHz to 30 GHz. Low Temperature Operation (cooling) Tested IAW ASHRAE STD 37, 20 degree F OAT with 70 degree F return air. High Temperature Operation (cooling) Tested IAW ASHRAE STD 37, 125 degree F OAT with 125 degree F return air. Salt Fog Tested IAW MIL STD 810F, Method 509.4. 48 Hour exposure, 48 hour drying time. Sound Less than 85db, measured 1 meter from the condenser fan discharge.


Nordic Air Model Number: GS1H83ZAANWY011 Weight: 228 lbs. Size (LxWxH): 28.25" x 30" x 20". Power: 208 V, 50/60 Hz Refrigerant: R-407C Capacity High Speed, Cool : 18,000 BTU Low Speed, Cool : 15,000 BTU High Speed, Heat : 14,000 BTU Low Speed, Heat : 7,000 BTU Power Cord: Optional

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Colors: Green or Desert Tan