UH68G1 Space Heater



The versatile HDT UH68G1 provides the safest, most reliable source of powered heat available today and is field proven, having been in service and providing safe, reliable heat to soldiers for decades.

  • Heater can be ordered with air discharge up, down or sideways
  • Remote room thermostat
  • Control box can be mounted remotely from heater
  • Fan-only option for ventilation
  • Intake damper allows for fresh or recirculated air
  • Ducts may be used to direct heat
  • EMI suppressed
  • -60° F operation

The UH68G1 is designed for a wide variety of applications including inside permanent mounting to outside temporary applications. This heater features 60,000 BTU multi-fuel burning capabilities and has a powerful fan system to deliver uncontaminated heat in all climates. It operates on a variety of liquid fuels (DF1, DF2, DFA, JP8) and is designed to operate in temperatures as low as -60ºF.