Cargo Bay Heater Kit (CBHK)



The Cargo Bay Heater Kit (CBHK) allows for installation of an auxiliary heating system in the cargo area of van bodies and larger heavy-wheeled vehicles. Once installed, this system provides up to 60,000 BTUs of warm air in the cargo area and battery compartment. The CBHK incorporates the HDT A-20 Heater, a compact multi-fuel unit that was originally developed for the United States Army Tank-Automotive Armaments Command (TACOM).

  • Kit contains all hardware, housing components, hoses and fittings necessary to install an A-20 Heater in an enclosed area
  • Sealed exhaust port safely directs exhaust to the exterior of the vehicle
  • Insulated vent/exhaust ducts
  • Integral heat ducts direct heated air into the cargo space
  • Both fuel and power connections use quick-connect fittings

The Cargo Bay Heater Kit comes complete with all materials, connections and fittings required to install an A-20 Heater in the cargo bay of van bodies or heavy-wheeled vehicles. Installation can be accomplished by one person in approximately four hours and can be easily removed when required. Removal and re-installation can be accomplished in approximately one hour for each operation.