Comparison of standard Adroit® arm and small Adroit arm. The standard Adroit arm shown above (green segments) is roughly human-like in size and reach. This arm has 7 DoF, not including the end effector. It weighs about 7 kg (15 pounds) and can lift about 23 kg (50 pounds). The small Adroit arm shown above (tan segments) is much smaller. This version has 5 DoF, not including the end effector. This particular small arm has a reach of about 60 cm (20 inches), weighs approximately 1.6 kg (3.5 pounds), and can lift approximately 10 kg (22 pounds) close-in and about 3 kg (6.5 pounds) at full extension.

HDT’s small Adroit® arms, have a wider variety of configurations, degrees of freedom (DoF), and lift capabilities when compared to HDT’s human-sized single and dual arm manipulators.

  • HDT small Adroit arms can often lift more than six times their own weight, which is twice the lift capability as HDT’s standard-sized arms
  • Adroit small arms move faster than 200° per second
  • The small arm’s high speed and high acceleration is very useful for our impedance mode in providing compliance
    • Without compliance, small lightweight arms are extremely easy to break, especially if they are used on mobile robots in rugged environments
    • Small robots fall off edges, roll over, and are generally abused. Non-compliant arms on small robots can have a very short life span.

This three DoF joint is about 12 cm (5 inches) long and weighs about 0.5 kg (1 pound), yet it can lift 10 kg (23 pounds) and moves over 200° per second.

  • HDT’s Adroit small arms, with their built-in force sensing and active compliance, can absorb a great deal of abuse without damage
    • Due to HDT’s modular design, badly stressed and malfunctioning joints in an Adroit arm can be replaced in minutes, allowing the arm to quickly be put back into action
  • In commercial environments, small sealed arms offer a level of strength, speed, and performance never before possible
  • In confined spaces, Adroit small arms can be configured for a specific workflow, and then easily reconfigured if the workflow changes
  • All actuators used in HDT small Adroit arms are environmentally sealed and operate across a wide temperature range and a wide spectrum of environments, from harsh outdoor settings to indoor clean rooms

As shown, our small arms can be configured into an amazing variety of robots, including this design for a SpiderBot. Weighing less than five pounds, the SpiderBot can pick up and carry a ten pound object, and even walk up stairs.