This finger tip sensor detects pressure, vibration, surface texture, and friction. This information is processed and remotely transmitted to a tactor, which artificially recreates the feel of this surface.

HDT provides contract research and development services for a wide variety of customers, both government and commercial.

  • HDT possesses expertise in the creation of high-performance electromechanical systems that solve demanding problems
  • HDT’s working process emphasizes having a clear understanding of how the new technology will work in close combination with the people using it. This orientation is seen most clearly in the cobotics and prosthetics work HDT has done.
  • HDT’s contract R&D work covers a wide variety of applications, including:
    • Micro-lithography production equipment for semi-conductor manufacturing
    • Multimodal non-lethal stand-off defensive systems for ships
    • Finger tip sensors and tactors

As an example, HDT developed finger-tip sensors and tactors for DARPA. The sensor detects the “feel” of a surface: vibration, surface texture, and friction. The tactor then remotely recreates that “feel”, so a person can sense what sort of object the sensor is touching, just by its texture.