A month of testing at Yuma Proving Grounds showed that the HDT Protector robot’s mini-flail attachment is the most effective device for clearing anti-personnel buried pressure trigger devices, such as land mines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs). The mini-flail was tested on over 2,000 buried devices, in a variety of soil types and at several different depths. The mini-flail performed much better than mine roller/rakes and other counter-IED systems.

  • The hammer flail, designed by HDT specifically for the Protector robot, actually excavates a trench, leaving a completely clear walking path for infantry
  • For most soil types, the Protector robot’s mini-flail can clear anti-personnel devices at the speed infantry travels in a route march
  • In testing, up to half of the devices hit by the mini-flail are disrupted (torn apart), rather than detonated
  • The mini-flail can survive the blast from typical anti-personnel land mines without damage
  • In the event of a much larger IED blast, the mini-flail has built-in blast shields which allow the mini-flail to sacrificially protect the rest of the robot
  • Spare mini-flail attachments can be carried on the robot. A damaged or destroyed mini-flail can be replaced in a few minutes.

You can see videos of the HDT Protector robot in action on our video page.