Testing of the Protector robot with mine roller/rake at TARDEC. The rakes are hydraulically deployed to cut into the soil in order to snag buried wires.

The HDT Protector robot can easily push TARDEC’s small mine roller/rake, even though this attachment weighs over 1,600 pounds. TARDEC developed this small roller/rake, based on the SPARK roller. The system has hydraulically deployed rakes, which cut into the soil in order to snag buried command wires.

  • When clearing routes for infantry in villages and other frequently travelled areas, it can be important to minimize damage to dirt streets and walking trails. A roller can be a better option than a flail in these situations.
    • A roller can move across very rocky terrain faster than a flail can cut through such difficult soil
    • Not as effective as a hammer flail, a roller is far less disruptive to the terrain, especially when the rakes are not being used

You can see videos of the HDT Protector robot in action on our video page.