The HDT Protector robot can carry 1,250 pounds of gear, climb steep slopes, and is less than three feet wide.

The Protector robot was specifically designed for infantry use. It can go where infantry needs to go. The robot is a tracked vehicle, less than three feet wide, with a 32 horsepower turbo diesel/JP8 engine. It has the ability to climb a 45° slope, can carry 750 pounds of gear on itself, and can pull a trailer with another 500 pounds of gear. The variety of attachments available for the robot extend its use for additional applications.

Features include:

  • Lightweight and modular, the HDT Protector robot can be disassembled in the field in a few minutes into four modules
    • Each module is a four-man carry
    • The Protector’s modularity allows an infantry squad to quickly break the vehicle down and portage it across any obstacle that it cannot cross by itself
    • System modularity greatly simplifies maintenance in the field
  • Simple, strong, and inexpensive and expandable base system
  • Built to be the robotic equivalent of a jeep or HMMWV: the HDT Protector has a robust platform that can easily be adapted for a wide variety of missions
  • 15 gallon internal fuel tank requires either diesel or JP8 and enables the Protector robot to operate for over 60 miles
  • A simple set of open protocols allows for the connection of a kit for autonomous operations
  • The Protector has a hydraulic power take-off for attachments and 2 kW of electrical power available
  • HDT Protector mission kits include:
    • Mini-flail
    • Mine roller/rake
    • Pre-detonation electrical discharge system
    • Semi-autonomous navigation kit
    • Satellite communications for world-wide remote control
    • Backhoe/loader
    • Lightweight expeditionary bridge
    • Stretcher mount points for two wounded personnel
    • Tethered UAV for persistent surveillance
    • M-153 CROWS remote weapons station
  • The HDT Protector also supports the commercial-standard ROS interface
    • HDT is working with commercial partners on applications such as autonomous crop-spraying attachments for use in vineyards, orchards, and other areas where the HDT Protector’s small size, excellent mobility, high payload capacity, and precision autonomous navigation kit offer significant advantages

The operator is tele-operating the HDT Protector robot using its wireless hand-controller in his right hand. The radio repeater on the front of his vest gives the controller a 1 km range.

The base HDT Protector robot is tele-operated through a simple, lightweight hand-controller that is extremely popular with users.

  • Similar to a single-handed video game “nunchuk”, HDT’s rugged controller weighs eight ounces and has a thumbstick and two buttons
  • The hand-controller uses a wireless link to a four pound radio repeater that the operator can carry in any convenient location
  • The radio repeater has a 1 km line-of-sight range to the robot
  • The controller offers operator selectable “cruise-control” mode where the HDT Protector will maintain speed and direction by itself
    • The operator can make adjustments by tapping the thumbstick, or take over full manual control at any time

You can see videos of the HDT Protector robot in action on our video page.