HDT’s Adroit® arms can be used in a wide variety of manufacturing tasks.

  • As shown in the photo of the Adroit arm loading a blank into a lathe, HDT manipulator arms can be used to load and unload CNC tools
  • HDT’s Adroit single and dual arm manipulators are safe to operate around people
  • An Adroit dual arm system is strong enough to lift over 150 pounds and its built-in variable compliance makes it inherently safe
  • Every joint has true force sensing (dual strain gauges) and fully active control of compliance
  • Depending on the vision system being used, HDT Adroit arms can load jumbled parts from a bin onto a conveyor in a consistent orientation
  • Adroit arms can perform tasks as quickly as a human worker, and can operate 24/7, without breaks
  • For assembly tasks in small or awkward confined spaces, HDT manipulator arms can reduce worker fatigue and injury, while increasing productivity

Standard industrial robots are so dangerous that they must be caged off from human workers.