HDT’s Nordic Air® HDR Series air and water cooled units are rugged, heavy duty industrial air conditioners designed to withstand demanding environments. Available with larger cooling capacities and additional standard features to set the HDR Series apart from the HDE Series of industrial air conditioners, the HDR Series also offers may more optional features for customers to create units specific to their particular requirements. Unlike other industrial/commercial air conditioners on the market, the HDT Nordic Air HDR has inherent design characteristics that make this unit more durable and cost effective. Just like the HDE Series, our HDR Series units maintain a key design feature of having a 10 fin per inch evaporator coil. HDR Series also include 8 fin per inch condenser coils with an epoxy corrosion resistant coating on air-cooled units.

Features include:

  • IEC controls in NEMA-rated enclosure for remote field mounting or unit mounting
  • Compressor crankcase heater
  • Replaceable filter dryers with flare fittings and isolation valves (no brazing or burn permit required)
  • Exterior cabinet liquid refrigerant circuit sight glass
  • Remote room thermostat
  • Optional split configurations for condensers and air handlers