The Flat-Pack Rigid Wall Shelters provide a military grade, temporary facility that requires a semi-flat, firm surface for deployment. No slab or foundation is required. Our shelters use highly-engineered composite wall technology along with a unique light weight structural frame, providing endless shelter size configurations. Because of the Flat-Pack Rigid Wall Shelter design, transportation considerations are no longer limited by the road maximum 8′ x 8′ (2.4 x 2.4 m). Transportation is simple with a standard dry freight trailer, or the system can break down into an ISO container for storage and shipping.

Our rigid wall shelters come complete with power distribution and HVAC equipment included. Even the largest shelters can be set up in just a couple days with a few standard and a few people.

Features include:

  • Highly mobile operation, training, and simulation space that can go anywhere you need it
  • Engineered light weight composite panel technology providing
    • R10 thermal
    • Superior structural strength
    • No corrosion
  • Easily adjusted to any size needed (not just ISO sizes)
  • Meets extreme environment requirements (rain, ice, snow, temperature)
  • Fully integrated including, lighting, power distribution, and HVAC/ECU
  • No foundation or slab required
  • Designed to fit together easily using rugged connectors and a few tools