Reeves EMS solutions come in a range of sizes and configurations to fit emergency response situations requiring facilities that are mobile/transportable and set up quickly and easily with only a few people.

Reeves EMS solutions utilize HDT’s lines of rapidly deployable shelters including DRASH®, Base-X®, Base-Xpress®, and AirBeam® branded shelters. These shelter solutions are currently used and trusted by military forces around the world. Shelters can be set up by minimal personnel and they are built to withstand the harshest conditions – from strong winds to extreme temperatures – ensuring that responders can deploy their emergency response systems anywhere, anytime.

Whether configured as a life support area or casualty collection point, Reeves EMS solutions include all the necessary components to provide a total shelter solution during any incident. A full line of supporting accessories, including trailers, power generators, lights, heating, air conditioning, air purification systems, hard flooring and command center equipment, is available to fulfill a range of incident requirements.

Reeves EMS solutions are used for a number of applications, ranging from medical surge and incident command posts, to first response decontamination emergencies and fatality management.

Numerous federal, state and local agencies around the country use Reeves EMS solutions, including the New York City Office of Chief Medical Examiner (NYC OCME), as well as agencies in New Orleans, Louisiana, and San Bernardino County, California.

  • Large Capacity Medical Surge – for incidents requiring expandable shelter systems to accommodate the need for increasing beds Reeves EMS offers 10 bed and 25 bed medical surge facilities. Shelters range in size from 748 to 1,285 ft2 of useable space. HVAC and lighting as well as a full range of optional equipment is available to provide for custom configurations.
  • Fatality Management – available in small, medium, and large climate-controlled shelter configurations, Reeves EMS fatality management centers serve as a temporary field location for identifying, processing, storage, and viewing of casualties resulting from a disaster or emergency situation.
  • Patient Isolation – Reeves EMS patient isolation solutions pair rapidly deployable shelters with High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration systems and HVAC for an all-weather CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear) outbreak isolation station(s).
  • Command Post – when the situation calls for a remote point of central command, Reeves EMS solutions for command posts includes shelter, portable power generation, HVAC, flooring, command tables, high definition video monitors, display screens and walls and smart tables (with power and network connectivity) and chairs.
  • Decontamination Systems – available in 2-Lane, 2/3 Lane, and 3-Lane configurations, Reeves EMS decontamination solutions for first response and hospital decontamination applications are available with plumbing lines, showers, roller systems and other accessories to create custom-designed, multi-lane decontamination systems for any emergency situation.