Adroit actuators are modular, self-contained units. Everything is in a single waterproof housing, including the drive electronics.

HDT’s largest Adroit Actuator is smaller than a can of soda, has 120 Nm (90 ft-lbs) of torque, and a top speed of 240° per second. It weighs less than 1.3 kg (3 lbs) including the brushless motor, gearing, control electronics, housing, and connectors. The actuator is packaged in an environmentally-sealed, rugged housing.

  • The performance of HDT Adroit actuators (based on their weight and the torque and speed they produce) is much greater than other commercially available actuators
  • The control electronics in each actuator operates in a 500 Hz closed loop, and accepts outside commands at up to 50 Hz
  • HDT Adroit actuators can be driven in position, velocity, and force mode, with full control over the actuator’s impedance
  • True force is measured using multiple strain gauges, rather than attempting to rely on motor currents
  • Absolute position of the actuator at the output is measured, around any backlash in the gearing, which is generally less than 1°
  • HDT Adroit actuators have continuous rotation, with through-actuator wiring. Power, CANbus, and gigabit Ethernet run through each actuator.
  • HDT Adroit actuators are completely modular and can be assembled together in any configuration
Adroit Rotary Actuators
Torque Weight
ft-lbs Nm lbs kg
A120 88 120 2.42 1.100
A60 44 60 2.10 0.950
A35 25 34.5 0.62 0.283
A8 6 8 0.33 0.148
D4 3 4 0.25 0.112