HDT’s 15 kW Bi-Directional Charger (BDC-15) functions as an inverter and battery charger. This dual-mode functionality makes it possible to charge electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and export power from the vehicle for general use.

HDT’s inverters are a game-changing replacement for on-board or tow-behind generators, turning the vehicle themselves into a reliable power source. The BDC-15 can simplify your operations by not having to move a generator from place to place, reduce costs for fuel and maintenance, and increase productivity by powering your operations directly from your vehicle.

In charging mode, the BDC-15 can be used with standard 120VAC outlets (SAE Level 1) or with highspeed commercial charging equipment (SAE Level 2 charging at 70A). When in export mode, the unit converts stored onboard energy from the vehicle’s battery to clean and usable AC power.

Designed to perform reliably in harsh environmental conditions, the BDC-15 is sealed against sand, dust, and water and is submersible up to one meter. Additionally, it is small and compact, which allows for multiple mounting locations and orientations on the vehicle.

Specific applications include: Hybrid utility fleet vehicles, hybrid shuttle buses, Hybrid transit buses and disaster relief vehicles. Once installed, the device can be used to run power tools, pumps, lights, temperature control units, small appliances, computers, and more.