HDT’s support for the warfighter is not limited to shelters, power generation, and air handling equipment. HDT robotic solutions expand our range of expeditionary support offerings with products developed to protect and assist personnel in load carrying, mine detection, and path clearing.

HDT’s Protector robot has the power, endurance and mobility to clear safe walking trails for dismounted infantry and reduce the amount troops have to carry. The energy efficient robot runs on internal fuel for four days at a time and is a weight and size that if needed, can be lifted over an obstacle. Dimensions of the Protector robot are 76" x 36" x 42" (193 x 90 x 106.7 cm). A simple hand controller (that also functions as a weapon fore-grip) operates the Protector from a distance away from the robot of up to 1,300' (396 m). A mini-flail, mine roller/rake, pre-detonation electronic discharge system, and backhoe/loader are a representative sample of attachments for the Protector robot, and point to the versatility of this compact support device.

Protector Robot & Attachments

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