HDT and Reeves® EMS emergency management solutions include offerings for medical and pandemic surge, personnel decontamination and isolation, point-of-delivery systems, and first aid shelters for major events.

Medical Surge

Medical shelter solutions from HDT address first-receiver requirements during a medical emergency. Mobile hospital systems are scalable for small or large surge capacity events. Additionally, custom shelter solutions can be configured. HDT’s integrated systems include power generation, heating/cooling, and water distribution equipment.

Pandemic Surge Solutions

In the event of a pandemic event, prepared emergency responders and organizations need to care for victims and protect the public from the spread of whatever the outbreak contains. Isolation of infected patients is crucial and many times, surge facilities must be in place to expand the efforts of the response. HDT and Reeves EMS solutions include shelter systems, stretchers, emergency bedding and fatality management products to provide first responders with the products and rapid deployment equipment needed to handle public health emergencies.

Emergency Management and First Responder

HDT’s broad choice of shelter systems and our Reeves EMS emergency response products provide unparalleled versatility, durability and logistics efficiency. Applications include emergency operations, medical aid stations, decontamination and isolation stations, personal hygiene set-ups, and rest and recovery stations. System components include:

  • Shelters
  • Power generation
  • Heating/cooling
  • Showers and sinks
  • Portable wastewater systems
  • Hospital cots, pillows, blankets and linens
  • Storage systems and workstations
  • Gear bags
  • Fatality management products

HDT offers ambulatory and non-ambulatory decontamination shelter systems. Non-ambulatory systems are distinguished from ambulatory systems with the inclusion of hand sprayers with the showers.

HDT Decon Systems can include:

  • Shelter, fly, frame, liner, and ground staking
  • Plumbing assemblies and water management
  • Environmental Control Units for heating/cooling
  • Flooring and lighting
  • Roller systems
  • Patient tracking

HDT isolation systems use negative pressure filtration systems to prevent the spread of airborne infectious diseases. Extremely versatile, these systems can be deployed in a variety of HDT shelters, or tailored to a fixed facility. Features include:

  • Six bed (beds included) rapid deploying shelters with negative pressure filtration to prevent the spread of airborne infectious diseases
  • Ante-room area included
  • Free-standing unit with power and air conditioning
  • Medical supplies and equipment included can be tailored to meet specific requirements
Point of Distribution System

HDT’s drive-thru point-of-distribution shelters can be set up in as little as 15 minutes and offer a versatile method of providing for:

  • Immunization/vaccinations
  • Dispensing of medication
  • Distribution of food or supplies

Emergency Management Products

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