HDT’s focus in robotics is on people and robots working together in order to accomplish more than either one could accomplish alone. This is especially true in health care robotics where:

  • HDT’s KineAssist®-MX walking and balance system helps safely restore mobility to patients who have difficulty in walking, whether caused by stroke, injury, or other illness
  • The KineAssist-MX works with physical therapists and patients by safely challenging patients in real-life environments such as over-ground walking, climbing steps, maintaining balance when standing, and overcoming obstacles which could cause a patient to lose their balance
  • Therapy work can be done with a patient by a single clinician since the KineAssist-MX has an advanced harness system to support the patient, even if the patient loses balance and starts to fall
  • The KineAssist-MX technically advanced harness system senses a falling patient and safely supports and catches them long before a potential fall. This can reassure the patient and allow the therapy to continue. Additionally, therapy can now be performed by one clinician using the KineAssist-MX since it provides support that, without it, might require additional personnel help support the patient.

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