SOLON, Ohio – October 5, 2017 – HDT Global (HDT), a leading provider of highly engineered solutions for extreme environments across military, public and private sectors, today launched its Improved Army Space Heater Type II (IASH II). The IASH II heater features improved heat control and reduced logistics over the legacy Army heater, IASH.

The HDT IASH II is a versatile heater that is ideal for heating a wide variety of expeditionary military shelter systems. The heater provides 180,000 BTU/H (52.7 kW) of clean, heated air from outside the tent or enclosure and can be used on shelters of any size. The IASH II has unparalleled heat control – keeping the interior shelter temperature within 1.5°F (0.8°C) of the setting – providing maximum comfort in extreme climates.

“We are excited about the launch of the newly improved Army heater, which happens to coincide with the celebration of our 80th year in business. HDT Global, founded by Robert Hunter in 1937, began with the introduction of innovative heaters to the market. Our launch of the IASH II furthers our legacy of providing proven solutions for extreme environments for the US military and allied forces,” stated Sean Bond, HDT Global President and CEO. “We take great pride in offering solutions to our warfighters that enable them to perform their missions under adverse conditions.”

“Many people may not give much thought to something as simple as a heater. However, all HDT heater products have purpose built features and benefits. They are highly engineered technological innovations. The IASH II features reduced weight and cube while offering improved temperature control. That’s important not only from the environmental perspective, but it’s also important when you consider overall system lifecycle management,” added Dr. Carl Pates, Senior Vice President of HDT Global Blade Works. HDT’s Blade Works organization is comprised of more than 50 engineers focused on expeditionary capability (reduced cube, weight, deployment time and increased power, durability and ruggedness), designing and developing new ways to solve the challenges warfighters face in remote, austere locations.

The IASH II is a 110 VAC powered, liquid fuel burning, and ducted heater. Built for optimum efficiency and reliability in strategic field operations, the IASH II delivers 1400 CFM @ 0.6 IWC (2378.6 m3/h @ 0.15 kPa)  of clean, heated air and can burn a full range of liquid fuels (DF1, DF2, DFA, K-1, JP5, and JP8) for maximum flexibility and control of critical resources.

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