When you play Dungeons & Dragons with the Thief character class, how often do you try to pick locks only to fail simply because you do not have the dexterity level required? Darn those dice, you say, as you delve further into the subject of throwing dice in a certain way in order to obtain the results that you want. Well, DARPA has something that can school that paper thief of yours with the MK-1 Robotic Arm which was developed by HDT Global.

What makes the MK-1 so special? Well, this is no ordinary prosthetic limb to begin with. I must say that I am thoroughly impressed with the disco dance moves executed early on in the video, not to mention the level of dexterity exhibited in the fingers, courtesy of modular servo units that form the bulk of the MK-1 Robotic Arm.

Guess with an army of T-800s equipped with arms like these, we humans have just signed our own death warrant.

Source: ubergizmo